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Working with a coach can be a game changer

Make this the year you prioritize your career or money goals with a coach by your side. Become a member and get up to 50% off all money and career coaching sessions.

Coaching to help you achieve your goals

As a benefit of the Ellevest membership, you can get up to 50% off all money and career coaching sessions to help you hit your financial goals.

Take your goals to new heights

Work with a money or career coach on a specific challenge, or on an ongoing basis with up to 50% off all sessions.

What types of coaching do we offer?

1:1 sessions

Make progress on your goals with one-on-one guidance from a money or career coach.

small-group coaching

Explore your everyday money decisions and learn with others during live group coaching sessions.

live workshops

Join weekly workshops to level up your career, make a debt plan, and learn how investing works.

Most popular coaching sessions

Most popular sessions


“I HIGHLY suggest some time with Gala Jackson. She and I had a session that allowed me to breakthrough stuff that wasn’t even surface information for negotiations and confidence. I went into my meeting like the badass I am. She. Is. Magic.”

— Heather F.

“Thank you SO much. The Budget How-To workshop has been very helpful! So many tangible (but not overwhelming) steps!”

— Colleen S.

“Being able to talk through my professional goals with someone who's fully focused on my long-term success has been absolutely transformative.”

— Elaine W.

Money and career, covered

You shouldn’t have to wonder about how to ask for a raise, worry about debt, or stress about retirement. Join the thousands of women who have worked with an Ellevest coach and book a 1:1 session today.

About Ellevest’s coaches

Our certified coaches have years of experience helping women go after their goals, and they truly want you to succeed. They’ve got diverse backgrounds, reflect our community, and bring a wealth of knowledge to every conversation.

Prioritize your career or money goals with a coach by your side.


How can I access Ellevest coaching?

Members can access the Ellevest Store by selecting the Coaching tab in your Ellevest Account and then selecting a 1:1 session. You can also access Coaching through the Ellevest Store and apply your member discount at checkout.

Do I have a discount to Ellevest coaching?

All Ellevest members have a discount on personalized 1:1 coaching sessions, which you can buy at the Ellevest Store. You can find your discount code and access all 1:1 sessions using the Learn tab in your Ellevest account.

There is a 20% discount for Essential members, 30% discount for Plus members, and 50% discount for Executive members.

Is there a cancellation/refund policy for purchases 1:1 sessions?

If you have scheduled your 1:1 session, you can request a full refund 24+ hours in advance of your scheduled session time. You can also request a 50% refund if you need to cancel your session within 24 hours of your scheduled time. To cancel, please reach out to support@ellevest.com.


*Ellevest member discount ranges from 20% to 50% depending on monthly plan selection.

*The “$100 Ellevest Gift Card” promotion is available for those who purchase a Full Financial Planning Package on or before 11:59 PM ET on June 30, 2021 (the “Promotional Period”). Customers who purchase a Full Financial Planning Package before the end of the Promotional Period will receive a $100 gift card to the Ellevest store, via email within 90 days of completing the first phone call included in the Full Financial Planning Package. Limit one per customer.
Ellevest gift cards are redeemable only toward Ellevest Financial Planning or Career Coaching Sessions (the “Services”) available through the Ellevest Store and cannot be used toward other Ellevest membership, advisory, or banking services. Additional Gift Card Terms and Conditions apply.

Ellevest Membership fees are as follows: Ellevest Essential is $1 per month, Ellevest Plus is $5 per month, and Ellevest Executive is $9. Other fees as described in Ellevest’s Wrap Fee Program Brochure and the Ellevest Membership Terms and Conditions Agreement will continue to apply.