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Between graduation and starting that first job, we know there are plenty of obstacles new college grads face when it comes to financial wellness. Get a strong start with Ellevest.

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Our mission is to get more money in the hands of women — starting with you.

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Hit the ground running with the Ellevest membership to start investing, save for the short term, and set Future You up for success. 


Make progress on your goals with guidance from a money or career coach. As an Ellevest member, you can get up to 50% off all sessions.


Want to know how to make a budget or pay off debt? How to negotiate a raise? Access resources that let you go at your own pace and learn from anywhere.

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Find free workshops and courses designed to help you feel confident about your money and career decisions. Ellevest members get up to 50% off all 1:1 or group-coaching sessions. Our coaches can give you personalized help and advice focused on problem-solving and what’s really important to you.

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1:1 Money Checkup with a CFP® Pro

1:1 Career Coaching for Recent Grads

Smart Money Moves for Students and New Grads Workshop

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We built the first and only investing algorithm that takes into account important realities for women — like career breaks, pay gaps, and our longer average lifespans — in order to help you hit your goals. Pretty important stuff.⁠

Smart money moves for new college grads

As an Ellevest member, you’ll get access to our investing platform and retirement accounts, built to help you get a strong financial start when you secure that first job.

Job searching tips and advice

As a recent grad, you know a thing or two about hard work. Here’s our best advice to help you search for a job while the economy recovers.
2021 winner for Best Robo-Advisor for IRA Investing

“Ellevest considers how external factors such as life span affect retirement investors, particularly women.”

Where women money.


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