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Winner of NerdWallet’s 2021 Best Robo-Advisor for IRA Investing

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Ellevest Essential

Just the essentials to get started with
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Ellevest Plus

When retirement planning is at the top of your list
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Ellevest Executive

The tools you need for your money and career goals
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Ellevest was built by women, for women.
The financial industry wasn’t.

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Monthly progress reports to celebrate when you’re on track to your money goals and help you adjust if you’re not.

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Our mission is to get more money in the hands of women — starting with you.

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Start investing today

Everyone should have the opportunity to build wealth. We invest your money for you using our proprietary algorithm factoring in women’s pay gaps, career breaks, and longer lifespans.

A debit card that rewards your real life

You can earn an average 5% cash back from places you already shop — locally and nationwide — with the Ellevest debit card.

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Learning for your money and career

Quick tips, workshops, courses, and guides to learn at your own pace, created by our team of financial planners and career coaches.

Feel good about retirement

We recommend how much you should save — down to the dollar. Our Concierge Team will help you roll over a 401(k) or transfer a traditional, Roth, or SEP IRA.

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Work with a coach

Access career coaching and financial planning with your Ellevest member discount to take the next step for your money and career.

Private Wealth Management at Ellevest

Looking to invest $1M or more? Our dedicated team is here to help you reach your financial goals.

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Let’s raise some Elle.

2021 winner for Best Robo-Advisor for IRA Investing

“Ellevest considers how external factors such as life span affect retirement investors, particularly women.”

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Money is power. What will you do with yours?

We founded Ellevest in 2014 after CEO and Wall Street veteran Sallie Krawcheck realized financial products weren’t serving women.


2021 winner for Best Robo-Advisor for IRA Investing

“Ellevest is on a mission to tackle an industry that has often asked [women] to change their habits, rather than change itself.”

“Ellevest helps women reach their financial goals.”

Where women money.


Who can become an Ellevest member?

Ellevest was founded to help close the gender money gaps, but we welcome clients of all gender identities and expressions. Our digital investing platform uses gender-specific salary curves and longevity data to provide personalized recommendations and forecasts for your goals. Ellevest is only able to serve clients living in the contiguous US as well as in Alaska and Hawaii.

Can I withdraw my money at any time?

Absolutely. You can withdraw part or all of your available balance  in your taxable investment account, your Spend account, and your Save account. (Depending on the account type, it may take up to five business days for money deposited into your accounts to become available).

You can access the funds in your Spend account through your Ellevest debit card.

Does Ellevest charge a percentage fee on my investments?

Nope! We don’t charge a separate advisory fee on your assets in the membership services. Fees for your advisory services, execution, custody, and banking services (your Save and Spend accounts) are included in your membership fee.

How much does an Ellevest membership cost?

The cost for a money membership at Ellevest varies by plan:
Ellevest Essential: $1 monthly fee
Ellevest Plus: $5 monthly fee
Ellevest Executive: $9 monthly fee

For the Ellevest Save & Spend accounts, there are no overdraft fees, no account fees, and ATM fees are reimbursed when using your card in the US. If you make a purchase with your debit card outside the US, any international transaction fees will be charged to your account. If you use an ATM outside of the US, an International ATM withdrawal fee of $5 will be applied.

How and when does Ellevest bill me for their services?

For an Ellevest membership, we bill monthly, on or near the date you became a member. Your linked bank account will be charged the monthly membership fee.

What services are included with Ellevest banking?

With Ellevest banking, you’ll get an Ellevest Spend account accessible from your Ellevest account, a custom Ellevest debit card, and an Ellevest Save account. You can earn 5% or more cash back when you shop local and at select brands nationwide, plus you can save your extra change with a roundup feature. There are no overdraft fees, no account fees, and domestic ATM fees are reimbursed.‡


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Ellevest reserves the right to refuse to award you the Promotional Offer if it determines, in its sole discretion, that the promotion was claimed under wrongful or fraudulent circumstances, that your participation is against the spirit of the program, that making payment would constitute a violation of your Ellevest Membership Terms and Conditions Agreement or applicable federal or state law, that the Promotional Offer is not applicable to the particular Ellevest membership service, or that incomplete or inaccurate information was provided. Ellevest reserves the right to end or modify any promotion at any time.

Investing entails risk, including the possible loss of principal, and there is no assurance that the investment will provide positive performance over any period of time.

Banking products and services are provided by Coastal Community Bank (“Coastal”), Member FDIC, pursuant to license by Mastercard International. Your Ellevest Save and Spend Account deposits will be insured to the regulatory limits by the FDIC through Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC.

The Ellevest Rewards program is powered by Dosh, an unaffiliated third-party provider, which offers Ellevest banking members cash back on Ellevest debit card purchases from select merchants. Each Ellevest Rewards, Powered by Dosh program offer is available for a limited time only for qualifying purchases at participating merchants (subject to the particular offer and full program terms). Cash back amounts will vary and offers may become unavailable without notice. Additional terms, conditions and exclusions apply and can be found in the Ellevest Membership Terms and Conditions Agreement.

If you opt in to the Roundup Program for debit card purchases, each settled (i.e. fully completed) purchase transaction made with your Ellevest Debit Card will be rounded up to the nearest whole U.S. dollar. The amount rounded up will be transferred from your Ellevest Spend account to your Ellevest Save account (a "Transfer"). Foreign purchases are rounded up to the nearest whole dollar after the purchase is converted to U.S. dollars. ATM withdrawals and transactions in whole US dollars, e.g. $20.00, are excluded from the Ellevest roundup program. If, at the time of settlement of a purchase, your Ellevest Spend Account has insufficient available funds to cover the full amount of the Transfer, the Transfer will not be made. If a purchase is canceled or reversed for any reason (including disputes), the corresponding Transfer will not be reversed. You can opt out of the Ellevest roundup feature at any time.

Domestic ATM Transaction Fees will be reimbursed if a payroll direct deposit has been received within the prior 30 days of the ATM transaction settlement. International ATM withdrawal fee of $5 will apply.

Funds held in your Ellevest investment accounts are not FDIC insured, not guaranteed by Coastal, and may lose value. Ellevest does not guarantee investment performance.

Ellevest Membership fees are as follows: Ellevest Essential is $1 per month, Ellevest Plus is $5 per month, and Ellevest Executive is $9. Other fees as described in Ellevest’s Wrap Fee Program Brochure and the Ellevest Membership Terms and Conditions Agreement will continue to apply.