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When it comes to equity compensation (and beyond), Ellevest’s all-women experts understand where you’re coming from — and where you’re trying to go.


On average, women earn less, take more career breaks, and have different salary curves compared to men.


91% of women see investing as a way to meet long-term goals (not an exercise in chasing hot stocks).


79% of women say they want to invest for positive environmental, social, and governance impact.

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What is equity compensation?

In short: Equity compensation (or equity comp) is a type of non-cash pay that a company may offer its employees as part of their compensation packages. It entails stock in (i.e. part ownership of) the company — either awarded outright, or offered for purchase at a guaranteed price. 

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What are the different types of equity compensation?

Equity compensation comes in the form of restricted stock units (RSUs), incentive stock options (ISOs), and nonqualified stock options (NSOs).

RSUs are awarded outright and taxed when they vest (i.e. when they officially become yours, depending on your vesting schedule). ISOs and NSOs are offered for purchase with different tax benefits and implications. 

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Can you support me with startup equity compensation?

Yes! Whether your equity compensation is public or private, at a big corporation or a small start-up — we can help you navigate it. 

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Who will I be working with?

You’ll be working with one of our all-women financial advisors or financial planners, who can support you with planning (and, if appropriate, investing) for your equity compensation. 

Either way, you’re guaranteed to work with a professional who’s deeply experienced, certified, and committed to understanding you — and the financial future you want for yourself (and your loved ones).

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How do I get started?

Start with a complimentary call. One of our experts will get to know a bit about you and your unique finances, then point you in the right direction based on your needs.