Welcome to a powerful group of investors working together to invest in women 

You’ve asked for ways to get involved and for us to come together — and here they are.

By investing in women, you’re changing the world for all of us.

To our new investors, welcome! To those who have been with us, thank you! I couldn’t be prouder of what we’re doing together: working to get more money in the hands of women.

So many of you have asked how you can take advantage of what Ellevest offers — for yourself, for your family, for your employees, for your friends — and how, at the same time, you can help Ellevest succeed. Glad you asked!

There are plenty of ways we can engage, whether that’s by connecting with our Ellevest at Work corporate financial wellness offering, by purchasing digital memberships and coaching gift cards for the women in your life, or by connecting with our Private Wealth Management team.

It means so much to everyone on our team to have investors who are just as passionate about our mission as we are. Thank you!

sallie krawcheck,
co-founder and ceo

Ways we can work together

private wealth management

Invest for the impact and in the causes that matter to you

​​Ellevest Private Wealth Management offers a thoughtfully curated collection of investments that positively impact women and their families in the industry. 

At Ellevest, we can provide a customizable impact offering as part of a diversified investment portfolio that’s constructed specifically for you. It has the potential to provide competitive returns and drive capital to women, people of color, renewable energy, and affordable housing, among other areas.

private wealth at ellevest

Align your investments with your values

Personalized planning, investment management, and a dedicated team

Complimentary “health check” assessment for eligible portfolios

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digital membership

Bring Ellevest to the women in your life

Looking to help women reach their money goals — and build the future they want? Collaborate with our team on custom packages to gift Ellevest digital memberships and coaching offerings and fuel the next step in their financial journeys.


Digital membership includes an investing platform, financial resources, and career development tools

Coaching gift cards for a wide array of workshops and 1:1 sessions

Personalized coaching packages to help them tackle their most pressing financial challenges

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